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3D Love
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Imagine That
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Kokopelli Prayers
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Mediorite Showers
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Stray Cat Strut
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My name is Renee Sands, and I was born in Hollywood, California. I've resided in Los Angeles for the majority of my life, aside from an unforgetable, and unexpected jouney through Israel for 5 years, from 1985-1990. It was there that I started the first stages of the my art work. I enjoyed the view from my balcony that overlooked the park in Tel Aviv, which created a calmness and ambience to focus on what I really felt good doing, (besides exercise and cycling). I come from a history of family artists, one being my grand uncle who's art works were obtained by the Royal Family of Holland before WWII, and my mother, a gifted artist naturally, created many oil paintings, including oriental art and French Impressionist. I enjoy combing colors, with papers, beads, stones, jewels, pewter words, with forms of positve, and uplifting messages to achieve remimnders for those who hold words such as miracle, courage, inspire, believe, etc, close to their hearts, or to be reminded that these qualities are there for them to use at any time.

My art pieces come with or without words, and they were made into greeting cards, and 2008 calenders. With each month passing the pictures in the calender can be torn off and put in a frame, alas, my company's name is Inframous Art, to be able to frame the art work, you enjoy.

Personalized art work is available, using colors, words, symbols, and pictures of your choice.
Telephone 310 476-3260
email at

My website is under contruction, and you can then purchase the images through, and apply them to many different products, i.e. magnets, cups, t-shirts and posters.
Thank you for your interest in Inframous Art!

Renee Sands

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