Fred Rodger

Wade and Haywood
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John Coltrane and Lennie
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Bennie and Ossie
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Fathead Newman and the Zodiacs
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Mose Davis and Roy
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1948 : born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Studies and Education :
B.S. in biology from West Chester University
B.A. and M.A. in art from Millersville University
Currently teaches fine art

"I've always viewed art-making as a journey and a struggle to explore oneself. The process is more important than the product. I have no specific formula, other than looking, thinking, doing; I find that my work evolves. My formal training has brought me from representational rendering of subject matter to a more primitive, childlike style that is evident in my most recent works. I cannot trace the path that got me to this point ..... I just followed my heart and responded to what I felt.

Awards include:
"Landcaster's Extraodinary People"
"Artist Magazine" National Competition

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