Claudia Porter

Seascape I
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At times I see images that are overwhelming, and I perceive the grandeur of my surroundings. Powerful manmade structures remind me of the kinetic, timeless and immense nature of the universe.Dense populations of people provoke intense sensations about being alive and awareness of the moment. When I am in contact with these stimuli, I become conscious that I am part of a vast creation, and that this moment must be recorded. These overwhelming sensations make my heart race and cause my emotions to run wild. I am an observer of man's creations and human interaction. Often times, I make sketches to remind me of these structures or events. When I am painting in my studio I mixed stored images, memories, and emotions in order to relive the moment and record the experience for others.

Educational & Professional Experience

1996-998 Ringling School of Art and Design Bachelor's of Fine Arts Sarasota, Florida

1992-94 University of the Americas Puebla, Mexico

Selected Exhibitions

1998 "The Deep End" Three Person Senior Thesis Show Ringling School of of Art and Design) Sarasota, Florida

1988 "I Want to Be Real" One Person Show at the Hotel Mision Puebla, Mexico Florida

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