Jean Mason

World Beat
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Trading Fours
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Lingering Melody
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Peace & Unity
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Most known for her vivid and passionate musicians, Jean captures emotion spilling from the souls of blues and jazz artists. Elements of movement and rhythm dance through her compositions. Her focus is on the intuitive connection between performers. Words from songs and music reviews, which are often the inspiration for her work, are written around the outside edges of the paintings.

Jean's paintings have received many awards for her lively colors an unusual perspective. This year, she has been chosen as one of ten Nebraska artists to do a solo exhibit at the Governor's Mansion. In addition, she has been selected as one of forty artists featured in Art Buyers Guide, NE Edition. She also shows work at several galleries in the Midwest.

As a 12 year old, she sold her first paintings through art school shows, but had been painting with her mom (an oil painter) for many years before that. As a child, she loved going to galleries in New Mexico and Colorado where her mom showed work; she remembers listening to conversations between artists and the loving the smell of linseed oil. She graduated from University of Kansas in 1983 with a degree in Fine Art/ Art Education.

Ask her where she's from and she'll tell you "everywhere." She was born in Japan and grew up all over the United States (her dad was in the military). These days her studio is in Omaha, NE.

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