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Gabriele Longobardi was born in Hamburg, Germany and lived in Africa (Zimbabwe), Argentina, the United States, and now in Brazil. The different places, peoples, and cultures are transparent in her work. The majority of her (surrealistic-expressionistic) paintings are created the same way: Distributing lines and patches of oil paint on the canvas, she discovers step by step what the painting wants to be. Nowadays the influence of the mega-metropolis Sao Paulo, where she has lived since 1995, is obvious; in a lot of paintings appear skyscrapers and she includes sand and even garbage in her technique.

Born 1951 in hamburg (germany), had contact with the group around joseph beuys, started to work with clay 1981.

Working in Africa, fell in love with African art, especially the stone sculptures of the Shona people in Zimbabwe.

Living in Argentina in 1989, started to paint with oil; first collective exhibition at Hotel Alvear, Recolletta, Buenos Aires.

1993, moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, attending university of art (parque lage) started to paint with acrylic.

1994, moved to Florida and returned to oil painting.

Since 1995, living in Sao Paulo, Brazil, painting in oil,participates in individual/collective exhibitions and several salons.

1998, first individual exhibition in the Livraria Cultura (art bookshop and center.) Individual exhibition in the diners club vip-lounge, airport Sao Paulo.

1999, collective exhibition in the Conjunto Nacional. Collective exhibition in the University of Communication and Art, Sao Paulo. Wins gold medal.

2000, individual exhibition in a restaurant, Sao Paulo. Collective exhibition in the University of Communication and Art, Sao Paulo. Wins silver medal.

2001, collective exhibition in the Gallery Mali Villas-boas, Sao Paulo individual exhibition Language School Roosevelt, Sao Paulo. Collective exhibition about death in the art museum, Santa Catarina -Forianapois, December 2001 to February 2002.

2002, collective exhibition New Century Artists' Gallery, New York-Chelsea, January til February 2, 2002.

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