Mary Elizabeth Knapp-DeFabrizio

Sea or Sky
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The First Iris
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Sussex Orchard
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Loire Valley
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Peaches with Red Linen
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The Red Inn
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I paint because I am driven to paint. I consider it a privilege and an honor to create a work of art. To capture a moment; an emotion, the way light plays upon the facade of a brick building on a Manhattan afternoon, or filters through the water at first light in Fort Pond Bay. To transform a fleeting instant into a permanent work of art; that is my passion. As the onlooker views a painting I imagine them being transposed. The observer is walking through gardens at spring peak, hiking through snowy woods; or in a rural orchard at dawn, air cool and crisp with a soft breeze and white apple blossoms popping against a near cobalt sky. I view my work as an opportunity to provide a moment of respite to anyone who will stop for a look.

As a nurse practitioner and director of a large health care facility, my art brings me tranquility in an often chaotic world.


Studied fine arts in DePaul High School, Wayne, NJ.

Entered the fine art program of College of Misericordia, Dallas, PA in 1975.

Additionally obtained a BSN, MSN, and Nurse Practitioner Certification.


Participated in art shows in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Member of Ward-Nasse gallery since 1998

The artist has done commissioned paintings, gives private lessons to both children and adults, works on consignment, and does private sales.

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