Laleh Ispahani

Saint John The Divine Cathedral
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Tree at Union Square Park
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Raised in Pakistan, I moved to the United States to attend Harvard College and then Georgetown Law school. It was at Harvard in the mid-1980's that I began painting. However, I did not concentrate on painting with any regularity until I moved to Manhattan several years ago to practice law. Despite the urban setting, my focus has been finding nature in the metropolis. In that spirit, I have pursued landscape drawing and painting with a particular concentration on trees. Large trees, small trees, foreign varieties, domestics. And they are never represented bearing leaves -- the beauty for me is all in the trunk.

My media include charcoal, pastel and oil pastel, or some combination. Primarily, I paint in oil.

I hope that any visitors to this site enjoy the sampling. In addition to being inspired by trees, I am always in search of new themes and hope you will look out for my future work as well. I have recently begun using the human form as a subject. As always, I feel that "color is still king."

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