Ef Kai Hamer

Lift and Tuck 1993
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Below the Brow 1994
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Salvadorigami 1994
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Nostrum 1994
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Dream Box Closed 1995
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Dream Box Open 1995
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I was born in Northampton, England on September 23, 1965, six minutes after my 'other half', my identical twin sister. I spent my impressionable years growing up in a small idyllic Buckinghamshire village, Newton Longville, founded by French conquerors in 1066. In my silence (shyness)cocooned by my 'twinness', I found a voice through music, art and sport.

Although I won numerous prizes at the Annual Village Art Show each year, I was compelled by sibling rivalry to follow an alternative academic route to an artistic vocation. I graduated with Honors in Psychology from Warwick University in 1987. After working a number of years in London as a project manager in the graphics industry, I felt trapped by the etiquette of tradition as a native from a sovereignty.

No longer able to live a lie, a tongue no longer silenced, I embarked on my toughest challenge, the be all and end all of New York City. Stripped of all my home comforts I lived by my instincts. My creative volcano erupted as computer graphics apprentice to a New York based artist/phisicist, releasing years of denial of my true gift and vocation.

As if it were my destiny, the 'land of opportunity' cracked open its doors (Iron curtain) so I could pursue, at whatever cost, the life of a true artist - "the drive, the courage, ambition, dedication and fear of it all". Take away the spirit and you take away breath for life. Collaborate, NOT disintegrate. Freedom, NOT control. Create, NOT destroy.

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