Portrait Rouge
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Douce Violence
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Gobal was born in Switzerland in 1959.

My paintings reflect my daily emotions. Painting for me is a profound need to express my feelings towards the events by which I am surrounded as a spectator or participant. My way of painting does not belong to any particular style. If I had to define it, I would would probably call it " painting of the spirit." I feel totally free and independant in my art. I approach the canvas without knowing the result. The colors come to me in a natural process with no particular scheme.

I feel a very strong need to create. My canvas can live through several metamorphoses before achieving a final result. When I begin I never know where my creative drive will lead me. My colors mellow with age, my faces follow me from one canvas to the next, hybride, ageless, and sexless; they do not reflect physical reality. Each face reprents an emotion, a state of mind, always what I am feeling at the time I am painting.

I paint with acrylics on different surfaces: composite board, wood, canvas, jute, and other materials. I use different techniques utilizing brushes, sponges, cloth, rollers, as well as my own hands. Frenquently, I paint directly from the tube. I do not necessarily aim to please at all costs. I only paint to express my emotions, be it fear, hope, love, disappointment, happiness, or sadness.

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