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Everyday is a winding road and I come closer to understanding myself. Upon creation, an artist deeply touches her soul and that of the viewer. Many of the themes of my painting come from internal conflict. Some of my best works have been conceived under adverse circumstances.

In the 1990's, I've come to realize my art is unique. I began to experiment not only with two-dimensional canvases but with wood, ceramics and other three-dimensional forms.

I started using different types of mixed media: house paint, gouache, nail polish, sparkles, water color, photographic images, sponges as well as conventional acrylic and oil. I was dripping paint all over until I achieved a brand new expression.

In my large 4-foot square feet painting called Transformation, I reveal the changes in hair color under an examining eye.

In "Sunset", a 5 ft x 3 ft canvas, my passion for summer is showing the different shades of colors that appear in this sky during sunset. This painting was done three months after watching the sunset at Fire Island one summer.

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