Susana B. Endo

Mashiko Forest
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Mountain 2
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Bamboo Mural IX
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Bamboo Mural X
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Bamboo-Mural VI
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Su-Endo Sumie Paintings

" Things come to me on the spur of the moment. I cover every little piece of paper and I grow with my work. Using ink (Japanese sumi) and water, I have to let each stroke dry to see what's happening, then I go back to it. Sometimes I feel I should stop and leave empty spaces, but then I feel a need to go on. It is a very intense and meditative process. "

The daughter of a Venezuelan mother and an Italian father, sumi-e artist and potter Susana B. Endo grew up surrounded by Mount Avila in Caracas. Combining the tropical influence of her native land with a fascination for the culture of her Japanese husband, Endo creates subtle contrasts in chiaroscuro. Abstract compositions of wild bamboo vegetation shimmering in the breathless heat of a rainforest complement the sophisticated coolness of Endo's graceful ink brush technique.

She studied at the Koho School of Sumi-e under the Supervision of Koho Yamamoto Sensei, at the Parsons School of Design , and Chinese Calligraphy at Kampo Cultural Center, all in New York City. She also apprenticed with Master Potter Sakuma Fujia in Mashiko, Japan.

Endo's Sumi-e paintings won first prize during an exhibition at The Brooklyn Botanic Garden, third prize at the Venezuelan Center , and a Bronze mention at the Kampo Cultural Center for her Calligraphy.

Ms. Endo can be contacted by e-mail at or you can see more of her work at her homepage:

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