Anne Marie de Jony

Love's Ocean
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Full of Grace
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Sunset Beach
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Meditation I I
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Ms de Jony can be contacted about her
work and current prices by e-mail at:
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Her website is:

Described as poetic expressions, the non-traditional paintings of Anne Marie de Jony celebrate color, form and energy as they reflect her inner odyssey. Meditations translate visually into illuminating images which articulate dreams and symbolize tranquilizing transitions to the future. Guided through visual voyages, which blend dreams with reality, the artist reveals her artistic visions. Each painting begins an aesthetic journey with tranquillity as a recurring theme. She captures the bends and curves of physical forms and depicts the flow of cosmic forces in her brush strokes. Symbolically linking inner spirit to a rich color palette, the artist combines her distinctive style with sensual elegance in each composition.

Anne Marie is intent on creating works which symbolize the joy of life, and share in a universal responsibility to be a source of harmony and hope.

Born in Newark, New Jersey, the artist currently lives and works in Southern California.

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