Richard Connell

New Work

Hallowed Ground
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An Eternal Flame
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Food Chain
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The Fly Fisher
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Setantae At Seven
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Studio / Residence / Show Room
New Kingston, New York 12459
Tel: (845) 586-4307

Richard Connell was born in 1938.

"I spent many years beach combing the waters of Long Island, N.Y., from Bay Ridge to Montauk, before relocating to the mountains where the locals call me a 'Flatlander'. My sculpting career began in the early 50's and I am self taught. My education is in science; hence my keen interest in nature. I am a folk artist in the tradition of the old decoy carvers. I use natural forms as much as possible and enhance them to the point where they make my statement. Mother Nature is the artist, while I myself am her cognizant helper. Most of my work evolves around water and I do commissioned trophy fish carving."


United States Department of the Interior
National Park Service
Point Reyes National Sea Shore
Catskill Watershed Corporation
Salmon Protection Awareness Watershed Network
James Earl Jones ( 51 works )

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