Tamar Benjamin

Las Vegas Series

Benhind Casinos
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Caesar's Palace
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This photograph is one from the Las Vegas series. I consider them Psychological Landscapes. They are images of architecture and landscape, devoid of people, which represent personal isolation in the social landscape. The contrast of the black emptiness which surrounds the intensely lit up casinos, is indicative of the chasm between the illusory promise of happiness that lies inside those buildings, and the isolation experienced on the outside.

Ms. Benjamin graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Sarah Lawrence College. Photographs from her Las Vegas series were featured in a show entitled "Emerging Artists -- the Next Generation" at the Masters School in Dobbs Ferry, NY. Ms Benjamin also regularly exhibits with a gallery in Soho, New York. She has worked in the photography department at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art as well as at the Jane Baum Gallery and the Simon Lowinsky Gallery.

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