Candace Bridge
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Solarized Nude
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Under Water Nude
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Bradford Smith specializes in creative and landscape photographs. He has won numerous awards at various art shows. Mr. Smith receivied his first experience working with his grandfather. After attending S.M.P., N.Y.U., Pratt Institute and The Fashion Institute he took a bachlors degree in graphic arts. He chose to remain in New York City and work in the photographic world under the direction of Victor Kepler. Fritz Henle and Philippe Haisman were his mentors. Mr. Smith next worked for Woman's Wear Daily. Also he worked as an independent contractor for Harper's Bazaar and its then coeditor, Anne Whitney. Smith and Whitney engaged in various photographic services to American fashion markets.

In 1958, a book of his figure studies, entitled The Nude was published. in 1959 he contributed a number of his photographs for another book, entitled Modern Dance. From 1965 to 1985 Mr. Smith worked primarily as an industrial photographer, contracting for the General Electric Company. Since 1986, he has returned to his creative photographic endeavors full time and is gloriously enjoying every moment of it.

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