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Barbara Andranowski is an Artist specializing in Bottle design and decorating. She is a graduate of Seton Hall University in New Jersey with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. She also furthered her education with courses at the Fashion Institute of Technology and New York University, both in New York City.

Barbara has done artwork since childhood and won a number of awards through grade school and high school. She worked in all mediums of art including paintings on canvas.

Barbara started designing bottles during her years at the University. She sold a number of pieces privately and had her artwork displayed at the University Art Show.

When the Baya Bottles were first launched, they attracted attention and were quite a hit! Since then, the Baya Bottles were chosen for a number of upcoming gallery shows in New York City. The Baya Bottles were also purchased for gift ware stores, restaurants, lounges and other types of establishments.

Barbara is currently employed in the Fashion Industry for a men's accessories company in New York City.

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