Stephen Auslender

Mummy 18
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Mummy #19
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Mummy #21
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Pregnant Tool #5
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Mummy Man #5
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We are 16 Warriors
Manning The Bombers,
May Our Deaths Be As Sudden
As The Shattering Of Crystal

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Born in Chicago Illinois, Dec. 21, 1938

Age 10: Studied sculpture at the school of Art Institute of Chicago.

1961: Discovered I am a sculptor-I've been making sculpture ever since.

1962 B.S. degree in Industrial Design, Institute of Design of the Illinois Institute of Technology.

1966 M.F.A. degree in sculpture. School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

1981 Ph.D. in Creative Arts, New York University.

ARTWORK: Sculpture using anthropomorphic figures combined with technical forms. Sizes from 6 inches to 9 feet high.

MATERIALS: metals, plastics, clay, wood, wax, plaster, concrete and some kinetic works.

EXHIBITS: Latest one-man show at Gallery 402 in New York City, March, 1999.
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